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How psychopaths think

I recently finished reading Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us by Robert Hare. As the title suggests, psychopaths are qualitatively different from other people, literally having no conscience. The book (and another on the subject, The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout) convinced me that this difference really exists. Before that, I assumed that all people who behaved differently from me just had different values or loyalties.

According to Hare, psychopaths have no difficult lying or even contradicting themselves in the same conversation. He gives the following beyond satire examples (pp. 125-127):

When asked if he had ever committed a violent offense, a man serving time for theft answered, "No, but I once had to kill someone."

A woman with a staggering record of fraud, deceit, lies, and broken promises concluded a letter to the parole board with, "I've let a lot of people down....One is only as good as her reputation and name. My word is as good as gold."

A man serving time for armed robbery replied to the testimony of an eyewitness, "He's lying. I wasn't there. I should have blown his fucking head off."

When asked, "Did you actually carry around in your briefcase blank power-of-attorney forms?" his reply was, "No, I didn't carry them around, but I had them in my briefcase, yes."

[Convicted serial killer Elmer Wayne Henley answers an interviewer by saying]: "I'm not a serial killer." The interviewer than says, "You're saying you're not a serial killer now, but you've serially killed." Henley replies, with some exasperation and condescension, "Well, yeah, that's semantics."



I've been reading a lot of literature on this lately. Siri Hustveldt has a nice book, "What I Loved", with a character who is psychopathic, or antisocial, as it has come to be know because the media calls all sorts of people psychopaths.

Another good book on the subject is: Bad Boys, Bad Men: Confronting Antisocial Personality Disorder, by Donald W. Black, C. Lindon Larson

I (anonymous) am the mother of a teenager who exhibits this behavior: constant lying, no conscience, egocentric to the point that others do not exist for him, hair-trigger violent, breaking all the rules just because they can, it goes on and on.

And there does not appear to be any therapy. Lower class kids tend to end up in prison. Upper class kids end up selling shady financial schemes or used cars, or become politicians, I read somewhere.

The hard part is making people understang that it is NOT YOUR FAULT that your child lies, etc. It lies like it breathes, and cannot control it. You have to verify every word they say, even if they are charming and confincing.

Drives the parents insane, too.

Where did you get a copy of the Hare book?

Thank you for writing. I am sorry to hear about your situation.

I got the Hare book from a bookstore but assume it's also available at libraries.

As difficult as it may be, I will try to write this with some civility. I suggest to you that psychopaths are not the maniacs that the media projects. Perhaps these select few pocess a gift, not a curse. If the whole world consisted only of psychopaths it could be a better world. Sure it would be a heartless, cold world, but it would be an efficient one. A world free of the calousness of love and most importantly, free of regret. It could be a cool efficient world, to bad that these individuals are outcast for their freedom from the ability to feel. But, I am undeniably biased as I am a psychopath myself, but my opinion still has merit, I say that I and all others like me are not maniacs, we are the only ones who are free.

While I have not been diagnosed nor seen anyone for this disorder I do beleive I am a psychopath. Like you I am not a maniac or some crazed killer but someone that is attempting to lead a normal life.
I have only just begun to realize that I fit the profile of a psychopath and it has been very disturbing but conforting realization for me.
I am interested in knowing what it is about you that makes you say, "we are the only ones who are free."

yOu ArE nOt FRee, YoU Are LoSt.

dOnt qUEstIon yOUrSelf, qUesTIon gOds auThorIty.

tHose wHo lAy thEIr lIfe tO gOd, ARe dEad InsiDe oUt.

tEars oF trUe HumAniTy, fElt bY a WomAn MAny a YEar aGo, On My Head.

I twiSt In tHe cAlm WInd, NothING meanS EverYthing to tHose tHat see liFe as VAlue.

EverYtHinG mEans NothING to yOu PsYchoS...rIghT?

We Are JUst WaLkin thIngs.

ever pinch your little brother at two in the morning so your parents would wake up when he yelled and you wouldent be alone anymore?

Actually i have done that, he threw such a fuss. I mean it couldn't have hurt to bad, it was only a little pinch. When my dad got there I told him that my brother just sat up and yelled. My dad yelled at my brother, my brother threw a fit and I went back to bed feeling reassured.What I was reassured about, well you don't need to know.

I was in a relationship for 2 very long years with a psychopath. I have finally stopped myself from contacting him. He never had any desire to pursue me as he knew I was drawn to him like a moth to a flame. I was always trying to see if, "today" was going to be the day he told the truth. Time and again the lies continued and as the relationship was going into year 2 I started coming down hard on him to see if that would get him on the straight and narrow. Hardly...When confronted he would remind me of a cat you just put into the bathtub...The rage for being confronted over trivial things was mind spinning. Minor things would take a good week out of our lives. I would just wait for time to pass and I would always be the one to,"make peace" What was so aggravating to me was at the 2 year point of me staying he began saying things like it takes 2 to tango..and this was all my fault...I was simply entangled in his web of deceit. At all cost I was going to stick with this till it changed. I think women, who are instinctively mother's, school teachers and nurses get attached to nursing these guys back to health...Today was the first day I went back to church for the first time since I met him..Awhile back though, I certainly was recognizing that he had powerful demonic forces working in his life. He would say things like, "f-Jesus" Well I had never in my life heard of anyone speaking like this and with such hatred in in voice. There were other things regarding spirituality that would spin him into a rage that were way of base. I must stay strong by going to church and surround myself with like minded people. I feel if I do not I will, by Satan, be lured back into his world whose vehicle are lies and fuel is rage, chaos and destruction. I hope whoever reads this knows I am a woman who is level headed who got off track for a while and the evil and good battle is a real thing that we must not mess with. I thought I was strong enough in my spiritual life to take this on, but I learned I am not. Satan is armed and dangerous waiting to devour.. His words and thoughtlessness are truely are a force to be reckoned with. This is the only human that I have crossed paths with that is truely evil.

Congratulations on getting away. I'd encourage you to find a counselor or support group to help you recover. It's great that you have a church. Perhaps your pastor can help or steer you to help, if (s)he hasn't already.

I also believe I posses some of the psychopathic qualities. I have a good mind and excellent control but underneath the beast is raging. It's not a split personality but a primal urge and a need. I read as much as I can about psychopaths and serial killers. When i was a child i fantasized about being a man of importance, someone known, even if it was because of a horrible crime or crimes.

2 years ago I met my girlfriend. She has subsided these urges. obviously I am not a full fledged Psychopath but the beast is still there. I can laugh and cry and feel a even changes. But I do not know who or what I am. I am confused and partly excited at the idea of being called a psychopath. I do not understand it.

Thank you. I needed to state what I've been feeling.

Thats nice, someone let out his feminine side.You may be a psychopath? You need to read more because there are different kinds. Your obviously not a killer or rapist, infact you sound like a hormone charged teenager.
Have a nice day.

I just want to tell you that I understand you.

And people might know who I am if they look at the time of the last comment posted on this whole thing. I'm also someone who says I am possibly a psychopath rather than outright stating it.

Anyway, I identify with this feeling of the "beast raging" underneath and the dreams of being someone of importance (for me, a female of importance). This desire for power never leaves me and I think the majority of the rage stems from not feeling I truly have a grasp on that power. I'm also concerned about my level of control, not only on the situations and people around me, but also on myself to some extent. In social situations, I actually avoid drinking too much alcohol for fear that I wouldn't be able to control myself and that I somehow might start telling the truth and this could compromise things. I wonder if anyone else experiences this. The one time I did become drunk in public, it wasn't as if truth came spilling out of me, but my rage did surface and I became incredibly hostile towards anyone who provoked me, especially anyone who I felt insulted me, behavior that I had to rationalize to the people who knew me and saw how I behaved. Of course, alcohol is a great excuse for such behaviors even though I avoid alcohol in an attempt to control myself. There is always some way to excuse things. This is true.

I'm getting off topic and rambling quite a bit but I haven't been able to express this in such detail because obviously people don't react well to these things.

The last thing is that I also understand this feeling of urges coming and going. I've never been entirely honest and I've never had a moment in my life in which I could have everyone know what I've been doing and not get in trouble for it, but there are particular periods of times in which I start to get worse and in which more obviously malevolent actions may occur (though there are always my reasons behind doing those things). Usually this is when some sort of change is happening in my life. If I feel more secure, things are certainly less hectic.

Lastly, my behavior has improved since I was a child. My thoughts have improved too. As a child, I did things that were very obviously considered bad but the most striking were my fantasies at the time. When I was 8 years old, I fantasized about growing up, becoming an adult, adopting children, and then torturing the adopted children. I had another recurring fantasy around the ages of 10 and 11 of having the ability to shrink people to the size of dolls, torture them, and keep them in jars.

Violent fantasies still occur from time to time but my mind doesn't dwell on violence as much as it did when I was a child. I do worry, though, that during times of not feeling security that I might go too deep or too far and that then I will do something that will keep me from being able to have freedom. This is what I mean when I say I fear losing control of myself. I want to enjoy my life. I don't think I'll ever be able to resist opportunities that are too good to pass up but I don't want to do anything that will result in me losing my sense of freedom.

This is what I can explain. I'm finished.

It's very true that psychopaths are free. Before I even knew about the 'disorder', I regarded my abilities driven by this trait as advantages, not flaws. I'm driven to succeed in life and being able to easily lie, manipulate, and charm is the way to get there. There are 3 different drive that psychopaths have, according to Hare: desire to 'win' (great success in corporate world, succesful politician, success in life, etc), desire to con, and desire to hurt. I'm one of the first, the most successful group, and many of the traits shown by psychopaths are considered desirable for people in the corporate world like lawyers, managers, etc. The ambition and ability to manipulate, although often called "leading", is what makes somebody a success. Infact, petty criminals in jail are often what people call "failed psychopaths", because they could not use their abilities to dissasociate themselves and prey on those with a conscience to succeed in life. There are also two different kinds of psychopaths: successful, charming ones and antisocial, often criminal ones. However, I would just like to note that not all women are "mothers, nurses, and teachers" by nature. Infact, that's the biggest load of crap I've ever heard. Although there are 3 times as many male psychopaths as female ones, one in every 300 women is a psychopath too. I'm a woman, and I know I don't think, feel, and act like the majority of people do. However, I'll overlook your ignorant comment because it's clear from your writing that you come from a community that probably doesn't have strong womens rights at heart, a good science base to their ideas, or even strong, unbiased education.

If you think this is a 'desireable' quality then that just shows just how pig ignorant you really are. Like it or lump it, you are part of the human race. Humans are social animals NOT predators. You openly admit to lying, manipulation etc. Trust is all part of a normal human being. That leaves you out. It made me laugh to hear you bleat about 'women's rights' The very rights that you accept and use to your own advantage. May I remind you that these rights were fought for by decent, trusting and caring people. Do you not see the hypocracy in what you say? The science of spotting misfits like you is improving dramatically. There will soon come a time when your kind will no longer be able to manipulate, lie, steal, cheat and kill for your own selfish ends. Basically your time is up. The sooner individuals like you are locked away in prison for life, the better society will be for it.

Haha, it's funny, because you can't see past the imaginary boundaries set by society you were taught in grade school. Obviously trust is one of the things that runs society, and I understand that--that's how I manipulate people.

And HA! Who says the women who fought for women's rights were decent, trusting and caring people? They were fighting so that /they/ could have power. They were hardly fighting to save the puppies. Not that I care, why should I? The history of these rights does not affect what I will do with them. They were fighting for women to have power, anyways, which I /will/, not for women to be nice to other people. The /hypocrisy/ of what I said (as that is how you spell the word you are using to insult me) is null, because being nice to people has nothing to do with women's rights, which are about power equality. Not that I'm not a hypocrite, hell, I'm a human being at least in some ways. Welcome to human nature, princess.

You think society would be better off without us because you're close-minded and can't see circumstance, but rather can only picture things in black and white. Rather than acknowledging that our "flaws" /could/ be advantages in some situations, that they could have their place, you'd rather sort us into the "black" section and be done with ambiguity. I assume this is because your honesty gets you an underpaid 9 to 5 job in a cube five days of week, a small house you've barely paid off, and a fat spouse. Jealousy is a /sin/, you know.

Finally, I am 5'2", cute as a button, and would burst into the most /heart-wrenching/ tears you have ever seen if you said so much as that I was mean. Not to mention I'm funny, interesting, and fun to boot. I'm the last person you'll ever see in jail, and I'm certainly the last person anyone would call a psychopath. My time's not even close to up, sweety.

You fucking wannabees make me angry.

You are the kind of idiot who thinks it's cool to be a psychopath. Probably because you've seen 'Halloween' and 'Saw' one too many times.

Life is miserable and constantly dark, with very little moments of happiness.

People like you just get depression, get a little angry and low, then 'BOOM'. Your a fucking psychopath. I'd love to show you what a real fucking psychopath is like, then we'll see if your still cute as a button.

LOL you won't be laughin when I'm guttin you like a fucking fish bitch!

Stop typing bollox on the computer and seeking attention from other fucking wannabees who think it's good to be a psychopath.

Real psychopaths lead miserable hate-filled lives but don't have that 'need' to tell the world about it you little cunt.

I'd love to get you bitch. Cut off your legs then we'll see if still like me. Ha ha.

I don't think so. Now go watch Freddie Krueger and laugh at the 'normal' people screaming and dying. Fucking dumb cunt. Your just a head on a stick lol.

Clever, u sound like a typical human being worthless really me for one i hate being human but i accept i am not so arrogant to refuse to admit what i am. SCIENCE LOL really what a joke science is going to be the end of humanity u worthless scum.

I am a psychopath.

Iam a successful one because i am not in jail.

I wont go into the details of what a psychopath really is because i dont want to feed your fantasies.

basically, i feel different from the rest, although unburdened by feelings of empathy and guilt, I better wathch my back to remain in the game, but i get a thrill from watching my back and a little frustrated when nothings back there.

problem with you guys is that you think to much overtly
exposing your insecurities like humans are prone to, especially those who get into too much sigmund F.

basically, i see a mass of people like pitiful, laughable, weak squash toys.

some loath the emotions they have since it stops them from enjoying their fantasies in opractice.

when i was young, i cut and drew blood ver my sisters barbies. hiting them then quickly colouring the bruises perfectly, so it looked relistic.

i remember having a play fight with my brother. i mounted him and pucjed him repeatidly in the back and he was laughing, but i wanted to see see hear the transition from laughing to crying.

i do get frustrated when people talk too much at me and when they say the most uselss things. the world is crumbling because of ignorants, they kill themselves anyway, whether you are a psychopath or not, it dont?matter. its survival of the fittest, and morals are rules made within manmade society.

i have these "desires" and "rage" but we all desire things, and i just follow my desires and live my life.

I think i admire those who are as manipulative and well adapted as me yet have emotions to manage.

i cant tell if im free, no i cant, i just play and see people with their feet stuck to the floor, its so tempting.

when you know how people work and how society makes people work similarly, you can read society and be aware of loop holes and retardidness, so whatever i neither good nor bad

no one knows whats good or?bad. i am no psychopath really

i am a surviver who knows the rules and knows how to change it to my beat. maybe i will die trying but life is agame, but we are all taught that its serious and i guess emotional people tend to be used by their emotions thus they become passionate, confused and attached and dependent.

sorry to be unoriginal but, everyone enjoys when the fool melts and most people are fools in pain and confused and deep down crave peace, which they will never get unless they fold.

with respect.

'with respect'?
with what respect?
should we 'respect' you for the obvious fact that you have "done your research";
you're still ignorant to it's genuine meaning as you clumsily attempt to apply it convincingly to 'real life' situations.
spout some more cliques and you may even convince someone.
You are clearly a fraud, and even more clearly are a complete idiot.
Respect? Respect your Superiors.. once you cease your useless and posing and have the privilidge of recognising who they are.
'Peace', bro.

o, i forgot to mention.

there are 2 types of psychopaths and theres the sociopath.

i will leave it to you guys to impress me and think about it.

hahahaa. my goal in life is to 'impress' people.. You, in particular. 'cos you're so effin awesome.
'omg, like, totally!'
enjoy your unfounded arrogance.
clearly, someone has done their reading. 'don't mean shit, but'

I am a psychopath. I feel zero guilt and zero remorse. All that is important to me IS me. I steal, lie, manipulate, etc.(basically whatever I know I can pull off). I have no personal sense of right and wrong or good and bad, but I understand those who do(making it that much easier to copy). I live to enjoy my life, see no purpose in anything, and am content with all that. I can do the most (terrible) things to the (greatest) people without feeling anything. My life is all about gain. I can't help but see all this as an advantage. I won't kill anybody because I'm too comfortable with my lifestyle to take that risk and I'm not inclined to kill(no unusually powerful sexual urges or internal needs to dominate). All in all, I think society as a whole needs to reconsider its view on psychopaths. I can be sweet, friendly, loving, as long as I get something out of it. I wouldn't have to lie about what I am if it was tolerated more. Am I really so big a burden??

No your not a burden, everyone else is. I mean come on,how are we the burdens here? I'm not going to go out and kill somone, I love my life. I get what I want when I want and no one around me has a clue! Psychopaths are not a burden on society. Not all of us are killers or rapists. Just because a few were stupid doesn't mean we all are. I'm happy manipulating people, stealing things, and lying to get what I want I'm not going to give that up. As long as I get something out of being around people and pretending to be who they want me to be society can just sit back on its butt and bother somone else.

Exactly! Both these comments are excellent descriptions. I have no drive to kill. I mean, I could, if it was necessary, but usually it does the opposite of make things better for a person. We're not a burden, we're often extremely successful, leaders, inventors... just because we have the ability to do wrong without guilt doesn't mean we can't do great things if we see something in it for us. And there often it.

Psychopaths aren't the burden on society, society doesn't even see past the mask. The masses are the burden on the psychopaths who have to deal them.

Where's our goddamn union for christ's sake?!

Guys, we'll never be able to have a union. I just don't see it as possible. The only way I've heard of psychopaths working together is as a tag-team. I'm still looking for a partner. If one doesn't come along, that's fine too. I'm doing great on my own.

And most of the counter-comments are so stupid, since, some of us are actually aware of what is right and wrong, as it is established by our societies, otherwise, how could we *operate* within, without being caught?. The point is, most of us don't care about them, unless it takes us a step further into accomplishing our goals. Now then, you may go feed elsewhere mislabeling trolls.

You say "I live to enjoy my life"....but do you really enjoy it? Do you ever feel like there's something very important missing from it.....your inability to feel the emotions of others, to care about their lives. For many, this is a source of joy (and in some cases, sorrow). Does it ever bother you that you are disconnected? I am disconnected myself, and lately I've been wondering if it really is a better alternative to being connected to others. I always used to think "people? hah...why would I need to care about them anyway? It would just make me vulnerable", but now I'm beginning to wonder if the burden of investing one's self in the lives of others and truly caring about them is a small price to pay for being able to really, truly feel. What do you think?

I'd rather have all the qualities of a psychopath and empathy, and I do, I'm more dangerous than any of these so-called cold hearted psychopaths, a serial killer is predictable, a person who can willingly manipulate and deceive for their own or another's benefit and empathize all the while is far more dangerous and unpredictable than a psychopath no matter how skilled at cold reading or clever at machination; I'll leave you hollow men and women to realize the why and the how of it...oh yeah, and these labels, you're trusting the words thrown around with so many loaded meanings and questionable agendas of a pseudoscience barely in its infancy? I implore you to check how many of the criterion are so broad as to render them similar to the bland categorizations of horoscopes or so untenable as ideas that they are unfalsifiable, and thus unreliable as indicators of anything more than FUD for the purposes of increasing revenue and appearing tough on "crime"

anyway what kind of freedom do you have if you cannot choose to feel what others do when you want to?

You described a psychopath. All serial killers are psychopaths, but not all psychopaths are serial killers. Please re-read the article.

your all givin youselfs away. seems ymost of ya like expressing the feelings you think you dont have. its ok i guess it is fun trying to think like one

What the hell? We have /feelings/. For example, if I don't get what I want, I feel rage. I just don't care if I take what I want from /you/. It's about being callous, not being a robot.

Hearing in church that the devil promises to give you everything you desire if you sell your soul, my sister announced that same day that she had already sold hers and that I should do the same. She even wrote out the contract for me to sign in my own blood.When I refused she got furious and yelled "what's the matter with you. Do you think your a ****ing saint!" She will do whatever she wants and take whatever she wants without the slightest fear of guilt or punishment. If she is found out she will deny, lie or rage saying whatever it takes, no matter how outrageous, to get the acuser to back down. She told me she was an alien because she didn't feel like the rest of us. That she must be adopted because she didn't feel any love. That she was a witch who was going to destroy me. She is manipulative,cruel and vindictive.Instead of a heart she has a gaping pit of greed, arrogance and hatred. Freedom or slavery?

Hormonal drama queen.

All psychopaths that are not being controlled by their impulses can manage to life fine in a sociaty.
Guilty/pitty/remorse is something I do not have, no matter what I do.
I can show the emotion but it is just to get something.
The only regret I know is when I get caught, I regret being caught.

Your emtions simply intrigue me, angger/sadness all these things I find interesting.
I can taste the emotion but I do not understand it much.
'How can you stay sad for more then 30 min?' that is me.
I am able to act like you since I simply learn from people and use it.
If you cry I might try to confort you so you will act normal, if it does not work I simply get flushed.
Bloodthirst is a good word it, how ever imagine it cold.

Your anger is a ventilation of an emotion, you show you are not pleased or just nag people.
If I get irritated I simply want to kill you, there is no middle way or anything less that would do.
When some one irriatates me I eye calm, though inside i need to restrain myself.

If I followed my impulses I doubt neither me or the people that where on my way would gain much in the end.
They will be dead I will be jailed with the same urge that is basiclly a bottemless pit.
This also goes for manipulating and hurting people mentaly, I have no satisfaction Limit.
I do this because it is my nature to do so.

Now I sound quite sick,the amusing part is I am a very nice guy.
I look good ,I am friendly and most of the time I know how to get you to laugh.
I got a girlfriend though I doubt I can keep something like a relationship.
my loyality reaches as far as my benefit.

Basiclly I rush trough life controlling my urges and my nature, if I manage it or not is the question.
If I do I keep my freedom and life.

yeah this is all interesting I guess???
but yea alot of these psychopaths, on here r funny.(well not funny but its the only word I feel like thinking of)
Its funny cuz I can see thru to wat they're thinking and why they write what they write. But the fact is that theyre delusional tho.
Theyre blinded by fantasies made in their head kind of. Its kinda hard to explain tho, or its just it'll take too long
but yea your all too over confident, u all think ur way superior to everyone else, but its cool cuz I understand exactly why. I kno ur smart blah blah yea but yea it seems as if ur kinda putting on a little. Just by tha things u say like one of the first guys "I have No emotion I just want to kill u blah blah" its like okay we get it tv show super villain
So on but yeah I kno how yall r thinking n ur just trying to kid ur selves and others. Ive experienced that phase n all but yea thank god I never actually embarressed myself by sounding so stupid and ignorant to other people
I REALLY wanna explain myself more but like I said that wuld take too long :/
but the point is I feel SO superior to u (guy) nd alot of people lol but yea I guess that too is just the nature of our kind...
yea I'm a psychopath too
But not like theses others r
I DO have emotions definately and I understand them very well and I actually have a very strong empathy sense
I kno how people think and feel and act and will act
I think its really stupid how these people r really tryin to say that emotions r useless and stupid and bad its like Wtf?! R u serious?
ur making us look bad cuz yea ur just proving wut people already think that were just evil crazy delusional freaks haha
not that that's completely not true.. But yea its just emberessing

Anyways I guess maybe I should tell u a little about myself. I'm a male and Just turned 15 this month
yea I always new I waz alot smarter than others. I feel like I have a "higher awareness" or whatever than others but it wasnt til recently that I realized I fit the descriptions of a psychopath.
And yea there is that evil thing inside me that gets SO raged and wants to kill.. Lol but dont worry. I'm not even like a bad person tho I can just want to help I wit ur problems and heal u using my "gifts" or I could want to use them to hurt u n crush ur mind... Ugh I feel like that one guy now but yea its just easier..
but yea Im not a crazy killer, be I would actually rather whatever victim I may have suffer emotionally and mentally
that really is y a psychopath with empathy is that dangerous
Im basically like a living paradox or oxy moron
I can be just the opposite of empathy and surpress my emotions
I am manipulative

I'd really like to explain more and give some more insight. I havnt done nearly as good a job as I would want but just no time but just wanted to put in my two cents. Maybe I'll come bak be write mor but until then I'll talk to yall later ..

-idk wat I shuld be called.. JX for now

Ps. O yea I thought that "cute as a button" lady waz kinda cool tho =)
so yea not exactly hatin on u

Thank you. I'm glad you so enjoy me. I hope it's because my writing was poised, apt, and entertaining, but I assume it's because I'm an anomaly, being a female in an area usually restricted to men. I get the same reaction playing video games. Also, I'm you're age, so my ideas are probably said in a way that's more relatable for you.

Delusions? Grandiosity, another word for it, is one of the description points of a psychopath. Something you make fun of others for before launching into yourself. You make fun of their disdain for people and then launch into your own disdain for people.

I thought I had a strong sense of empathy too. I could pick apart people's reasoning, understand their motives perfectly, I could answer the why to every emotion and action, but what I realized that when people say lack of empathy they are talking about understanding the /how/ of the emotion, not the why, which I don't. I understand, I empathize, but I don't sympathize. I can't connect my emotions with theirs. That's what they mean when they say no empathy. So you can have empathy in the strictest sense in the word, understanding, but you still don't /really/ empathize, you know? I have emotions, but they're in short bursts, and concerned only with myself--easily detatched from--and they don't manage my actions the same way they do most people, cold logic does.

As for what you should be called, I wager it's not a psychopath, although I don't know you so I couldn't be anything close to certain. I'd go more along the lines of Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

Grandiosity: "I can just want to help I wit ur problems and heal u using my "gifts" or I could want to use them to hurt u n crush ur mind"

Obsession with fantasy of brilliance not demonstrated in writing: "I always new I waz alot smarter than others." (Knew?)

Belief that you are "special" or "unique": "I feel like I have a "higher awareness" or whatever than others but it wasnt til recently that I realized I fit the descriptions of a psychopath."

I don't feel like finding proof points for all of the narcissistic characters, but here are a few more you fit: sense of entitlement, lack empathy, believe others and envious of you, and shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes.

But, really, it's nothing to be ashamed of. And you were close, really close. I believe that although not all narcissicists are psychopaths, all psychopaths are narcissicists. Narcissism is like the almost psychopath. And you're still unique. Few people are narcissists. And you still have the majority of the powers of a psychopath. I'm not trying to insult or pick you apart, I'm trying to help you define what you are. You might even be a psychopath, but narcissism looks like a far better shot. Similar to psychopathy, though.

If you are only 15, it is unlikely, though not impossible that you are a psychopath. Most likely you are simply emotionally immature. It is human nature to get enjoyment out of being successful and just because you enjoy lying, manipulating, and stealing does not mean you are a psychopath. It is possibly that you lack to the ability to empathize with others because your brain is not completely developed to that point yet. Think of a toddler who takes a toy away from another child because he wants to play with it. His mother might tell him that it is wrong and punish him but he is not capable of understanding why what he did is wrong and his behavior at that age is modified simply because of his desire for his mother's approval. Our brains continue to develop into our early 20s. It may be someday that you develop a sense of empathy and the ability to connect with other people, or maybe you'll actually become a psychopath.

A psychopath wouldn't care if those closest to him died in as so far as that might make his life more difficult. (Oh no, if my mother died, who would do my laundry and cook my dinner and give me this house to live in). Maybe you are like that. Maybe it's only because you are emotionally detached. At your age it may be too early to tell.

I come from a niche of society where there are plenty of people who are driven by logic far more than emotions. Maybe of them lack basic social skills, many are loners, many have trouble reading emotions of other people. But very few, if any of them are psychopaths. There is a huge difference.

If you truly become one, believe me, life will not be easy. You might be able to fool people for a while, but for most, strings of consistent lies and manipulation cause you to end up in a worse situation than had you never lied from the start. And of course, I pity you for never being able to truly understand deeper emotions and what it's like to connect with another human being. Of course, that pity won't mean anything to you.

You know you're stuff. I'm basically exactly alike, It'd be cool if we could talk. Hit me up sometime,

Obv fake email too, just so you other psychopath fuck's know and don't try to find me and shit haha, jk. Although.. That'd be pretty dope we could start our own government.

Think what you wish to think how ever the disorder can only be diagnosed +18.
It is normal for people to have rage/anger and even being cold blooded, how ever does not make you a psychopath.
Psychopathes come in different flavors, child hood and other disorders play a key roll in how they will be formed.

Being rude/manipulative or even a murderer does not make you a psychopath, neither is every psychopath any of this.
How ever certain behavior is very common for pyschopathes, as they also lack on certain things.

For some people what do psyopathes do and what they do not.

1: Their life always has some taint of violence in it, when they swap their mood.
One of the big trades psychopathes have is the hurting of animals at a young age.
A personal example: I lit rabbits on fire,poisoned mice and shocked rats to death when I was 5 to 8.
Not out of fun, just a urge.
I never felt ashamed or guilty about it how ever I do realize this behavior was not proper.

2: Non of them can really attach themself to some one, and even if they managed they end up harming the person since their loyality is never that much.
People with this disorder can only chose for them self in the end.
You cannot get this out of a psychopath.

3: all of them have to deal with urges, often these urges are a bit dark of nature.
Not dark for the pschopath but for others, they would hardly see their action as something wrong.
Simply because they do not have a build in right or wrong.
And even if they make one in their mind they still lack on it feeling wise, it is impossible.
This is a important part of the diagnose.

Might add some more later but atm just bored writing.

I agree with most of this, however, I am entirely certain I am a psychopath, but my life does not have any "real taint of violence". I'd also like to point of that animal abuse is one of the three indicators towards serial killers, /not/ psychopaths. It is not on Hare's psychopath checklist, nor would it really fit in with some of his identified strains of psychopathy. However, I guess if you call a pension for first person shooters despite the fact that it's not the norm for someone of my gender and age the taint of violence, I fit. And I do crave those, the violence in video games, but who doesn't? It's entertainment. But I don't feel the urge to harm animals or people, because I see no reward to it. The consequences are quite the opposite, in fact. Not that I don't feel that terrible rage that makes me want to kill, but I never really entertain the idea, since it's not something that would really give me pleasure. I think in cold logic about what actions will reap the best rewards and which ones will do the opposite, and violence is rarely the former. I could easily commit it, without batting an eyelash, but I don't get the uncontrollable urge to. I get other vicious uncontrollable urges, but physical violence isn't one.

and when your angry? that is strange to me, i am a diagnosed psychopath and ive spoken with others in those ridiculos programs made for us, i have not met one yet that has not had an vicous bloodlust when they were at the very least, angry.
but im different from some others i am a cannibal as well so when i think about killing someone i lust for the "hunt" i crave a challenging pursue but my main joy is not in the act of stupid violence i had only drawn out a death once because he showed such strong emotions, he was an intelligent man and i enjoyed talking with him. It was a sad moment when i broke his neck. i kill for meat and thrill combined there is no greater pleasure then flexing ones physical endurance and strength as well as mental focus and cunning to pursue a feeling of primal hunger

I believe I am a psychopath. If not that, then I certainly have a personality disorder. I'm techniquely ADD and have chronic depression issues. The funny thing is I feel horrible about what I've done in the past when I'm medicated - but once it wears off, I could care less.
I've killed 3 birds before - I drowned them when I was a child/preteen. I hurt my poor pets that lived in my parents house, and almost strangled my cat. She tore up my hands with her claws and I hardly felt it.
I steal from people I don't know - but never friends. It's been a painful process, but as I continue to take meds I learn at least I will regret my mistake later.
The problem is - I care in general. I'm writing this because I fear for other people around me, whom I don't want to hurt.
I'm the kind of person who throws the worms into the grass on rainy days, and saves the mouse from the sticky mouse trap.
Life would be indiffinitly easier if I had only one person inside of me.

There are no more barriers to cross. All I have in common with the uncontrollable and the insane, the vicious and the evil, all the mayhem I have caused and my utter indifference toward it I have now surpassed. My pain is constant and sharp and I do not hope for a better world for anyone, in fact I want my pain to be inflicted on others. I want no one to escape, but even after admitting this there is no catharsis, my punishment continues to elude me and I gain no deeper knowledge of myself; no new knowledge can be extracted from my telling. This confession has meant nothing.

I could care less bout anything in life except for money and control. dont care bout nobody. feel nothing when I do something that someone else would consider wrong. Sold crack for 8 years, went to jail twice for it and I have absolutely no regrets in life. Its all bout what I want and I will lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, and fuck anyone and anything over to get what I want. I have went through so many freinds if thats what you want to call them because I manipulated and stole large sums of money from them. They mean nothing to me but money.

You don't care "bout" spellin' neitha :). I know...I's tough using the English language correctly. See, you're one of those worthless piece of shit psychopaths who recklessly break the law and cause problems in society. I'm one of those cool psychopaths who has learned how to blend in and work my way up the corporate ladder by manipulating people. You, on the other hand are a worthless joke of a human being, who is worth about as much as one of my pubes.

I am a soMThing.

I killed people. I Tasted a bit of bRaIn.

iT DoESn'T taste great. sO i DOnt eAT it aNymoRe.

i LIke cUTTing thINGS aNd I hATe womEN aNd lAwyeRs.

pEopLE blEEd MoNey & OpPortunIty, ANd My WnderFUL mInD hAs to FiHD somE.

MY body iS an IRRElevant Shell, ThIs shEll is LIKe youR minDS. My minD is WHole.


get a job.
just to inform you your IP adress
is attatched to the file you have sent to
this website.
you can be easily traced with out you knowing.
so either your increadibly thick or your making this up. in which case grow up.
being a psycopath can be fun at times but most of the time its boring and ill do anything to fill
the time.
go cry to mummy and daddy that some mean person insulted you on the internet you worthless piece of dirt. whats with all the CaPitALs? do you think it makes you look mad or something?
you have no idea.
adios amigos!!

exactly what i was thinking.
close to perfect response.
people are so fucking stupid. its so fucking hilarious.

Thing is, Psychopaths are not free.

They have impulses which they cant control because they dont see any reason.

There is the primary psychopath and the secondary psychopath. The secondary one, Is maybe the more anxious one.

Sociopath is related more to those who have become emotionally poor through childhood traumas or consistant abuse etc from a very early age.

I appreciate most of you see psychopathy as glamourous and are drawn to it in order not to feel threatened by it, but you must consider that Psychopathic disorder usually container or carries many other personality disorders.

Also, consider the enviroment and its effect that the psychopath grew up in.

Its not freedom, by saying that, you assume normal peoples life is too burdened, or maybe your own life is too burdened for comfort.

Malignant Narcissism is close to psychopathy, all psychopaths are malignant Narcissit, not always the other way around.

MNPD can be extremely painful, and pressurised and cannot be cured. It entails anti social behaviour, schizoid behaviour and Narcissism.

If any of you guys were psychopaths, nearly all of you, wouldnt believe you were one. You wouldnt even consider the views of others who post here. You would be more anti social than that.

Many sociopaths are, in fact, self-aware. Just because they don't advertise is on a billboard doesn't mean they don't know. Usually if they come across the definition at some point, they know.

Nobody knows what psychopathy is developed from, there is not clear indication that it is solely an environmental thing, try not to just say things you feel as if they are facts.

There are two types of psychopaths as well, and only one type is anti-social. The other type is typically incredibly social, actually.

In conclusion: Do some more research, then post.

Actually not all psychopaths are anti-social, most actually enjoy being around people. They like to "play" with them, it is entertaining to them when they can manipulate people that they believe are below them (which is usually everyone). They understand how society is set up and understand what he police do, they like the fact that they have power and when psychopaths see that they can make the powerful feel powerless they jump at the chance.

I do agree that if anyone on here was a psychopath they probably would not believe they were one, they might enjoy the fact that they have a label but would believe that they are better then the others. I believe that the internet could be a very dangerous place for psychopath because it would show other crimes and how to out do the others.

Alright, here's the thing. I've always been interested in psychology, which is why I've considered whether or not I'm a psychopath. I do have a sense of right and wrong, but wrong is basically anything that gets me in trouble, and right is things that don't. I do things without thinking at all, and regret it afterwards because I get punished, not because I'm sorry. I really hope I'm not a psychopath because it will make my life very difficult, but I have wondered. I guess it will just take time to find out.

You would gleefully accept it. You would still be aware of Morals, but you would be unwilling to follow morals, since morals is not human nature, but something we are taught in order to keep order in society or too a more extreme note, to control us.

Thats how you might think. If you are worried about being a psychopath, then you are not.

Psychopath or whatever it really doesnt matter.... such worthless labels mean nothing humanity disgusts me it really does. The worst race to have ever existed, i dont wish to kill or greed for power or money like most worthless "psychopaths" do. I am me that is all simple really unless ur idiotic mind can not comprehend. I believe everything is decided by willpower. I will make a change to this world as everything can be altered. Live only for ur own interest, it isnt wrong to care for others or do what is right or even do what is wrong only do as ur mind and heart lead u to do. Death,life,poor,rich,happy,sad all of these worthless subjects matter not.

opinions shouldnt matter i dont even know why the fuck im typing this shit, maybe i am a psycho LOL but really it doesnt matter u r what u r. True beings stay true to themselves.

Sigh* most of what you siad is true. To think that this is "it" boggles my mind. BUt, the truth wil come soon enough, undeniable, you can trust in whatever power you want (yourself as it seems) but theres more to life than simplistic facts and emotions. GOOD and EVIL are only points of veiw, WHAT matters is who's GOOD and EVIL you trust. Hmmm, im sorry that my comment makes little sense, its unfortunate but, but the thoughts in the order you see fit, as its clear i cant at this time

True, and dont expect good to come out of it.

Life has never been good for anyone at any point; why should people assume such concerns have become bigger now?

trust me, the ignorants of society, doesn't makes what you say comforting.

malignant narcissists and psychopaths...see the cracks, lies, stupid and the double face of society well, and thats through paranoia and explains some of their intellect. They study people because they are not apart of the world, they are hollow, empty, envious of others, pitiful of others.

Each to their own right? I agree, Such death, destruction, sudden homocides, fear, pain, accepted right? No.

Easy saying, be yourself, but MNs and Psychopaths dont have selves they want to get intimate with.

An MN and a psychopath would refute such posts of yours, yet talke parts of it which benifit them.

Express themselves, so they can make your life miserable.

But I agree with you, who gives a fuck anymore. People are idiots and cause their own demise. Look around. why give a fuck, it was like this before we were born.

We ruin everything, normal people are now stupider than psychopaths and Mns, who control society anyway.

I red almost of the comments that have been written here.
I think that psychopath are further more organized and irrevelent than that.
they don't want you to know what they think and what they know.
they just don't want you to get in theire way.
all psychopath are able to get what they want when they want with fewer help than anybody else beacause they just don't care about being happy or sad. they will oftenly steal insult kill rape just because theyre bored. psycopath simply have a lack of interest in life. they see themself as animals in entire part. they don't make the difference between eating a beef steak or a human eye ball (beyond the taste for sure ! ) they don't see the point of wishing luck and giving hope to others when they don't hope for themself theire own luck. psychopath just feel like dying every minuts of theire existance and that is why when they kill they feel more alive.

psychopaths vary from envoriment.

Psychopaths enjoy creating harm and pain.

Since this is an anon site, any psychopath can reveal shit without losing anything, without revealing him/herself personally or intimatly.

Psychopaths do not all feel like dying every day.

maybe malignant narcissists do, so please do your research.

MN, suffer the stress of holding on the mask in order to achieve their vague goal of adulation, admiration and respect, nortority in any way by any methods.

Psychopaths only desire control, and self produce their own psychological gratification unlike MN who shamefully rely on the outside.

Psychopaths dont feel restricted and give less of a shit. they would crush your bones to get what they want. They cant internalise even the most agreesive person on the outside, so they dont rely on people.

MNs internalize the personas of those who are agressors or share similar traits. Psychopaths who are unsuccessful are shameless, and even some successful ones.

MN successfuls are desperate in maintaining fantasies they live in their head and assume such in the real world. You goet in an MN's way, he will make you pay and hold a rigid grudge.
psychopaths just want control, they dont rely on people.

People here are not psychopaths or MN. How do I know? because I am MN, and I feel like I deserve better than wasting my cold breath on this stail earth.

I can say this here because I am anon. Psychopaths are not free, MNs are certainly not free and they fear their depression and loath their own dependency[hence some become counter dependent; like me]

I hate when people here glamourise such PDs. MN is who I am, its a personality disorder and if I am high I am dangerous, if I am low I feel dead, but what lurks inside is a painful past I come close to when I am low, alone.

Also theres, paranoid traits, everyone is a threat, the MN, when let down from such a height, will desperatly latch on to anyone and destroy them to stay up.
They see others as them selves, and they loath themselves and cannot see ones feelings over their thick, moving PAIN.

Read this people! read it! Psychopaths are monsters, MN are preditors who try to survive in a world which they think is dead and stinky and they become such.

MN, and psychopaths differ slightly, but MN are not always psychopaths.

Psychopaths, commit crimes with joy and thrill, and MN commit crimes, unintentionally, yet they are amoral and indifferent but not intentionally evil.
They both lack conscience as they feel they are as realistic as the conscience in your mind, and so the world too.

So, some psychpaths will post here. Heres my message for them:

You are dispensible, you are useless, cause havoc, burn the world, as I pity more the idiots who know so little about people like you, than you people who play such fools.
Thats for MNs too.
Such ignorants saddens me, and explains my aches and pains breathing on such stail world.

Been reading this for a while and in the end it boils down to that it is hard to say what kind of disorder a person has.
Being in treatment for +11 years and they still try to figure out how the mechanism works, though after being tested multiple times the treatment focused more on the psychopathic part of me or at least that is what they believe it is.
Being a sadist or cold hearted doesn't necessarily make you a psychopath,and like any other disorder there are scales.

Quick view how life looks, enjoy or disagree.

I tend to think in usefulness/effectiveness when it comes to dealing with people.
What do I get out of it? How do I get what I want? What is the most effective way? What are the consequences?
If the person has no use to me I do not bother with him/her.
This way of thinking has been stimulated treatment wise out of a Precaution.
Though I manipulate/lie when I see fit it is still harmless, or at least in my current situation it is.
Considering I do not work and live a isolated life.

It's impossible for me to feel any kind of attachments towards any one.
Child/parent,friend or love relationships are based on what I mentioned above.
Sympathy/love/loyalty ect are things that I lack on.
Few examples how this works.

Parent/child: A parent is a tool that allows itself to be exploited because of their love for a child.

Friend relationships: Never got the emotional part of this, but this relationship has it's uses.
It boils down on effort vs reward.

Love relationships: I consider the behavior love brings fort in a other as intriguing, though I simply do not get it.
Say A and the person behaves like B , say B and the person behaves like A.
In the end when I grow bored I end it instantly.
With in a relationship I think like what I explained above.
Sex I do enjoy but sex you can get anywhere.

Consciousness/regrets is something that lacks.
Though I might dislike the consequences of my action I do not regret my action, neither do I feel guilt.

Example: Couple of years ago I went out and for some reason a guy irritated me ((certain rush I will explain this later)).
He was a bit noisy/cheerful on the street.
I passed him and made a remark at him, and he took the bait
When he got angered I smiled slightly at him which set him off , broke his nose on the spot.
Needless to say I got arrested, it was thrown on a minor incident duo to alcohol use on his behalf.
A person below me stated 'Psychopaths, commit crimes with joy' It's not entirely true.
I disagree with it, I do not feel joy or a thrill.
It silences the rush feeling but I do not take joy in it, simply smiled to provoke him more so I would have a excuse to act and get away with it.
After all some drunk fighting a guy is considered as acceptable with in the law.

Rush/violent nature

I tend to refer to this as a rush, sudden blood thirst is a other description.
Can't put my finger on it but it happens a lot, even with the medication I use.
Usually this is not related to a other persons action, you can step on my toes and I will not get it.
you pass me on the street and it starts.

The experience of it: Simply put I want to murder you for no real reason, something irritates me.
Note I do not always have it when I get irritated though the chance is bigger that it occurs.
In this state it is difficult to keep my thoughts on what the consequences can be.
It's intense though I am calm when I have it.
When having this I can commit actions that can be considered as sadistic.
As a child I took it out on animals from time to time, no details needed to be given.
Though I tend not to feel fear I take care of my well being, with in this state I do not do either.
What do I get out of it? How do I get what I want? What is the most effective way? What are the consequences?

Answered as in :

To silence the urge ((which I am aware of that it will occur again no matter if I do it or not which means the action was useless))

I get what I want in disposing of the person.

Effective way is with out being caught ((logical sense I will get caught))

Consequences of my action is a one way trip to jail

Though I am not fond of restraining myself it is the better option in the end.

Predator behavior: Pretty much what has been said above except for the part that I might pull a few strings to create a mess some where for amusement.
Following the rules restrain it a bit, not seeking out to many people does as well.
Another predator trade is that you can be who you wish to be.
I easily adept myself to others, and tend to be liked.
My personality/appearance depends on with who I have to deal with, it's a matter of acting.
Of course having people around you for a longer time doesn't work out for me.
There for I can act like I have sympathy for a person, or care about certain things.
Though it isn't real, then again if a other considers my acting as real doesn't it make it real?
Not like it matters if it is meant or not in the end.

To answer a question that has been asked me before, why do I bother with this if I do not feel/care.
Simply answered I am not a mindless beast that follows impulses, call it narcissism.
Besides I doubt jail would proof to be better then my current situation.

People with a psychopathic disorder can live in a society, though you find most jailed .
Some blend in others are out there to burn the world down and stand out.
Pretty much the same as any other person.

You can't write for f**k. Stop pretending to be Hunter S.T or some fantastic sh*t.
Oh, and, coincidently, your ingoranCE saddens ME.

I would have to disagree, I don't believe all psychopaths want to die. Actually what they find most important is themselves. That is why psychopaths are often very intelligent and people at the top of major careers, they have self discipline and care about no one else but themselves. Psychopaths know the difference between stealing and rape they just put no value in others lives because they are simply more important. They would certainly know the difference between steak and human meat, they just don't care. Cannibalism is not always hand in hand with psychopathic disorders.

when you don't get the respect you deserve, and the disrespect continues and you know your being manipulated.. what do you do????

First off, it is so f*king refreshing to hear from fellow Paths. (Forgive me if I coin that term).

All you "normal" people would do well to keep electing us to office, working for us, paying us insane amounts to watch us play ball or play music, and just be thankful you're not one of us.

We are, it turns out, the master class, the alpha dogs, and that's the sad truth.

Jesus, king psychopath, came out and banded a ton of you fools together before he was killed (Kurt Cobain comes to mind).

But I digress.

Any other Paths feel drawn to buddhism?

Look, you normal emotional people, you can not stop us -- most of us are way to smart to actually break the law to the extent that we end up in jail.

Basically a stupid normal person ends up poor and unhappy, whereas a stupid path could get into legal trouble and jail -- drug addiction can make anyone into a path temporarily in order to get your fix (just like extreme circumstances -- see germans during the holocaust).

Anyhow, once again, any paths out there feel drawn to buddhism?

I was sitting on my bed reading that and thought I'd respond aka reply aka comment to it/ on it.

I am a psychopath: I have no job, nor do I want one.
I have no friends, nor do I want any.
I fu&&ing hate people/society/life (happy or sad).
I hate myself aka I cut my arms with a breadknife! Don't tell my doctor, he'll have me sectioned under the mental health act of 19??.

My fellows psychopaths, be patient!
Lift weights and constantly do press-ups and sit-ups until you are very strong and muscley.

Not Arnold Schwarzenegar big but you know what I mean.

Be smart! Get a good job like the army, or if you are still young STAY IN EDUCATION!! Can't stress that enough, it's vitally important that you get yourself in as powerful position in society as possible.

Feel the depression, the loneliness, the hate. But don't let it get you down like I did in the past.

Smile, train, and act normal and nice.

Then and only then will you have your revenge on society. Like I have. : )

Just smile and bury them in the middle of the woods, and you will have the last laugh. Ha ha!

Psychopaths fu££ing pwn normal happy people!

: )

You're not a psychopath, you're an emo.

Any fellow Paths (forgive me for coining and using a term) out there drawn to Buddhism?

[p.s. I love hearing from my fellow Paths it is refreshing to hear from others who have to wade through the bull of the norms dinky emotional insanity]

It makes sense to this path...

The problem is that there are too many closed minded people in the world,
thats why us who are superior are hung out and seen as "not normal", "mean" etc.
Then again, if there was no "dead meat" running around i guess there would be a complete chaos.

Psychopaths aren't superior any more than cancerous flesh is superior to what's rightfully referred to as healthy flesh. It might *possibly* be capable of unchecked growth, but ultimately, it will end in the death of the entire organism if it isn't stopped. It's defective--nothing more, nothing less. Furthermore, most psychopaths aren't even capable of the type of superior growth you see in cancer. Many of them can't control their impulses, and they wind up delusional losers barely surviving from one con job to the next. It's pretty sad, really.

The ones who can't survive are the ones who are called sociopaths. Similar symptoms only they are dumber. Psychopaths know how to survive pretty damn well. They experience incredibly high and low points although rarely they experience drops from high paying jobs. Most psychopaths are incredibly successful because of the different perspective that they offer which is looked kindly upon by many others and rewarded with good comments and an increase of status. Basically a psychopath is right no matter what. Even if they're wrong you won't be able to convince them otherwise. The good thing is that they know they're right and you get more frustrated in trying to prove otherwise that ultimately you get angered and this causes them a double win. First they proved you wrong on whatever (or thought they did) and second they made you suffer while arguing about it. I suggest you learn more on this subject before commenting like this. Then again not all psychopaths are alike and what i said is mostly a generalization but yours was as well although a flawed one

Since this is an anonymous site, i feel i can release my confusion and my thoughts. I'm only 16, and i (apparently) am a psychopath! That is, if the symptons that are put on the internet (well, not all, some you can tell is just made up bullshit) are true, then i must be a psychopath. I've felt *wierd* for a while, like i'm different from anybody else. When i say that i don't mean i'm a reject at school/college. I'm liked, i pretend to be happy and an easy going guy and i deliberatly make people laugh. If i was to simply do what i like where i wanted, i'd stand out, it would be known that i'm different. I know i can't tell my family, i've thought about saying something to my dad but i had a dream only a few weeks back where i told my sister i was a psychopath and she jumped out our eighth floor flat (it has a balcony), she landed on a car and survived but when was curled up like a ball and i could hear her crying. Then some people ran over to her and started talking to her, the people looked up at me, looking out the balcony and one of them pointed at me. At that moment i felt like i was caught, like i did something really bad. I felt like i was going to die or go to jail, something like that. I don't know if that dream was meant to be a message to me, but i took it as a message, and i'm not going to tell ANYONE that i'm a psychopath.

I'm not surprised that i'm a psychopath, i actually feel good about it. But what i don't know is why i am a psychopath. I mean, i check a lot of the boxes for psychopathy. When i've been reading about symptons and stuff i feel like i'm reading a book about myself. Things in the past: setting fire to things like paper, and small toys (i don't know why). Sexual activity (before the age 13, like symptons say). I used to lie ALL THE TIME, and i still fucking do, hah. And i'm a good liar too! I think things through before i say them, i think of my options to choose from (in terms of lying) and think of the outcome and what the other person or persons might reply. Anyway, i used to steal money from my family (when i was like, 5), and when my sister noticed one time she told my parents that she was missing some money. Somehow they caught on it was me and made me give her money back. I didn't actually feel any guilt, just regret. Because i took more than i should have which is probably how she found out! I am the most irresponsible person i know, and i don't really care. I never used to do homework, i always rely on others to do things for me and i can't be trusted with most things. Apart from secrets, i'm very good at keeping others' secrets, i don't know why, maybe it's because i know what it would be like if my secret was no more a secret. Plus it keeps a bond between you and the person, they won't do anything to harm you if you know their secrets. Although i'm not trusted much by my family who know me best, but only in a "Awwwwghh he won't remember to do that!" way, not in a "NO! He'll do the exact opposite!" way. Which is good, it keeps them from pestering me (i'm very irratible and hate people asking me questions, when i get pissed of at my family asking me questions i just say sorry, and blame it on my hormones. Works all the time!). But it also doesn't make me seem deliberetly menacing.

I'll put the rest of it in short: I used to abuse the family cat, I am charming (people like me, eh? I make people laugh and stuff, but i'm never the one to start a conversation with anyone, unless there is a reason. I just end up lying a lot xD but they believe me and all is good). I think i'm pretty full of myself, BUT i don't show it. Nobody likes someone who's stuck up. I lie a lot, as i've said before. I have 'shallow emotions', although i have cried before obviously but not much really. And only in times of deep stress. When my soon-to-be step dad died i didn't cry but i felt a bit sorry for him. But it was his fault, and he had it comin'. I'm quite impulsive i think, which is another symptom.

Anyway, yeah there are many other symptons which i hit right on the head. A better question is 'What symptons don't you have?'. Even then, the only reason is because i'm only 16. Damn, this is a lot of writing. You're amazing if anyone is still reading this. Yeah i'm only 16 so it's not exactly smart for me to attempt a serious crime. I don't even know why i'm writing this anymore, i'm gonna post it.

This is not a fake wannabe, this is real, I can tell

It's outstanding how many psychopaths are in their early teens here. It must just be something you grow out of.

By the way, i think it's funny how there might be other real psychopaths coming over this page and reading comments from other psychopaths. It's like you're an alien talking to each other. And the *humans* can't join in. Hah, fuckers. Also one thing i missed out in my first comment was that, i had and have a good childhood. I wasn't abused, i have a good dad and a good mum, even though she's a fucking annoyance. I came to live with my dad the same reason he divorced from her! Funny shit. The dad is alright. I could trust him with most things, but i won't.
The only thing that sort of worries me, and possibly the worst side-effect of being a psychopath, is the 'inability to care for the future'. Or not following long term plans. Because i don't try hard at school or college (i do the bare minimum, that's the only reason i got into college) i doubt i'm going to have a fan-fucking-tasical job, but it's ok, i don't want to work in an office or a business of some sort. I was actually thinking of simply joining the Royal Army (yes i'm British. South-England, if you want to talk to your local psychopath, i'm your man. Hah. I wonder what it's like for the others though.). I just don't know what i'd like to do as a job. Don't care. The army is good enough frankly, and no it's not because i want to have the chance to legally kill someone, although that would be pretty good (you're probably disgusted or something like that if you're not crazy or a psychopath right now. But seriously, i wouldn't mind at all. I think i have the perfect mentality to kill someone. I probably will end up doing just that when i'm a older. Sigh, i'm fucked up aren't I? Lol.)

Anyway, it was quite fun, writing all this. Dunno why. I think i might write a diary for the rest of my life ( No i'm not gay. Lol, a gay psychopath. By the way, if you're wondering why i put so many sentences in brackets, it's basically, or mostly what i'm thinking at the time). It might help me get by! But i'd have to keep it safe though, don't want any fucker reading everything about what i probably will end up doing in the not too soon, not too distant future. Yeah, this has helped me, i feel better about this stuff. And i dunno, maybe you enjoyed it too. See you! (Hah, what a fitting line.)

I am a psychopath, and I'm also in the British Army! What a coincidence...

I'm in the 2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards, going over to Afghan in October.

Just want to say being a psychopath is crap, but having less of a consiounce (spell check?), does help me in life to just get my head down and crack on.

British Army psychopaths are the best psychopaths in the world! End of : )

I am a psychopath, and I'm also in the British Army! What a coincidence...

I'm in the 2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards, going over to Afghan in October.

Just want to say being a psychopath is crap, but having less of a consiounce (spell check?), does help me in life to just get my head down and crack on.

British Army psychopaths are the best psychopaths in the world! End of : )

**Sigh, i'm fucked up aren't I?**

A real psychopath doesn't think there is anything wrong with him, and he definitely doesn't care for anyone's opinion on the matter

umm some comments here are not the comments of psychopaths as much as you ay wish it

In fact, it is easy to tell whether a comment is made by a psychopath or a normal person; you can spot the former even from a mile. :)

i feel ill
im a bit up and down up and down
are you my friend?
sort it out
in the navy
dark paranoia
you defaced my safe
if you was to punch me, id be k.o,d and then id have a little sleep

so i was thinking.
im not wreckless.
im occasionally feared.
which amuses me i wouldnt say im a psychopath because i have an ability to feel.
less then others but its still there. im called a psycho at school because of the things i find amusing and how i think. i argue my point and as im only young
want to learn more about the art of manipulation.
i believe its an art that has to be learned, used wisely. not carelessly.
im only 14.
i dont usually feel guilt.
only a dissappointment within myself at the fact i got caught on that occasion.
excuse my spelling errors if there are any.
i have a good life. i know who to use and who are.. tricky to get around.
if you recommend any self-help manipulation books.
i would like to know the title.
im ok at manipulation but i need to improve my abilities are lacking
and people are starting to irritate me.

you are disturbed, no doubt. But YOU are NOT a psychopath!! Its ok though, its a good thing. Yer life WILL go to shits if you try to prove otherwise though! HA HA yer just a normal fucked up kid! see ya in jail

Nope youre not a psychopath. You are a sociopath. If I was you I would really try to know my limits becasue sociopaths end up in jail more then psychopaths. Umm i guess stay out of jail if u want i dont care im just letting you know ur dumb

read psychology books. start with simple ones, otherwise the scientific-technical terms can tie you up. Learn how these people think - their strengths, weaknesses .. Understand Them.
And simply observe, be your own student. Watch successful bullies - both kids and adult bullies.. see what tactics they successfuly employ.
For me, it was about trying to figure out how they think, therefore am able to figure out their reactions to any given comment, situation or manipulation.
learn the 'rules of society' and how to operate 'within them' but deceitfuly to gain what you want without serious repurcussions. or to successfully shift the blame.
time.. patience..
it worked for me.. and still is. and im still learning, it gets more fun as i go along. its a way to kill the boredom - for me, anyway.

Sure we are destructive of society, but things are not going to change. Sometimes it makes me sad but most of the time I enjoy getting exactly what I want. I have spent life studying people, I know how this inferior race operates, I am amazed at nothing, I laugh when I hear people on the news have died, yet I would not kill anyone unless I could do it being sure Id get away with it and acctuallly get something usefull out of it, but the risk would be too great so Im not going to.

I was raised in a good family and I have lots of friends, most of the friends I have look up to me, they see me as courageous, fit and intelligent, I have to get into something impulsive or instantly rewarding because Im constantly sick of life and the people around me. I am sick of it because Its draining to act like you have emotions all the time, so I keep to myself most of the time. Im not facinated by emotions because they are counterproductive. Its nice to read other psychopaths thoughs on themselves, we are not alone, the solution for the fking boredom in life is simply get drunk, have sex, manipulate, become rich, become famous and so forth. This is what we have to do in order to survive, that is why we do. A psychopath is the result of genes and mind is the result of years of succesfull excess living, children of past kings, possibly genes of the great as I like to belive, sometimes the pain is too strong though, the pain of being different. With some psychopath friends, the world would be mine and ours.

Sure we are destructive of society, but things are not going to change. Sometimes it makes me sad but most of the time I enjoy getting exactly what I want. I have spent life studying people, I know how this inferior race operates, I am amazed at nothing, I laugh when I hear people on the news have died, yet I would not kill anyone unless I could do it being sure Id get away with it and acctuallly get something usefull out of it, but the risk would be too great so Im not going to.

I was raised in a good family and I have lots of friends, most of the friends I have look up to me, they see me as courageous, fit and intelligent, I have to get into something impulsive or instantly rewarding because Im constantly sick of life and the people around me. I am sick of it because Its draining to act like you have emotions all the time, so I keep to myself most of the time. Im not facinated by emotions because they are counterproductive. Its nice to read other psychopaths thoughs on themselves, we are not alone, the solution for the fking boredom in life is simply get drunk, have sex, manipulate, become rich, become famous and so forth. This is what we have to do in order to survive, that is why we do. A psychopath is the result of genes and mind is the result of years of succesfull excess living, children of past kings, possibly genes of the great as I like to belive, sometimes the pain is too strong though, the pain of being different. With some psychopath friends, the world would be mine and ours.

I've killed 5 cats, one of which was my own, all by strangulation. I guitlessly steal from family, and manipulate them for personal gratification. I frequently set fires, and to be honest, It turns me on. Despite my devious and distasteful behavior, I still don't believe myself to be psychopathic. =)

Is it not obvious that psychopaths DONT all share similar characteristics?? Is it not obvious that we all have DIFFERENT behavious from eachother. It makes me laugh when people try to learn how a psychopath thinks because we are all different from eachother just as all you norms are. To all you other psychopaths that think you have every one figured out, remember every psychopath thinks differently and may be better (more productive) than you. No matter who you are, what you are, and what you belive, we are all human. "The best WILL lead the rest." Notice how psychopaths run government, corperations, ect. Is this not enough proof? The smarter ones run the world. The stupid ones end up in jail. No diffrent from all you norms. Hate if you want. By the end of the day, we all know who is on top deep down inside. This has been happening since the begining of time and will always happen. Jump on the wagon or get ther fuck out of the way.